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Arrabri Lodge, Warburton, Yarra Valley

Arrabri Lodge

450 Woods Point Road
Warburton East, 3799
Victoria, Australia.

Phone: 03 5966 2202
Fax: 03 5966 2290


Conference Rooms, Multi Purpose Rooms, Rehearsal Rooms, Indoor and Outdoor Sports facilities.


Music Rehearsal and Multipurpose areas

Arrabri Lodge has a long history of providing the venue for many school music camps and is well set up to meet the very specific aims and objectives of these camps.

Indoor Games Room at Arrabri Lodge

Our rehearsal areas are all carpeted, insulated and heated and include:

  • Indoor recreation hall great for orchestra rehearsals and performances - 24m x 12m with carpet. This hall is now heated and air-conditioned making it much more comfortable - especially for our music groups in winter;
  • Large multifunction room (13m x 12m) - also carpeted, heated and air-conditioned;
  • Conference room 10m x 7m - air-conditioned;
  • New Multifunction room - carpet, heather, air-conditioned;

...and other smaller areas for choir and sectional rehearsals as well as individual practice.

Smaller areas for choir and sectional rehearsals as well as individual practice

Craft groups and other special interest groups also make good use of these areas for their craft, meetings and socialising.


Dining room at Arrabri Lodge