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Local Attractions

The Yarra Valley is full of unique and exclusive attractions that simply should not be missed.
Package deals incorporating transport, accommodation, campsite activities, and a visit to any of the attractions listed below can be arranged by our friendly helpful staff. Please let us know if you require more information regarding these packages, or any of the attractions listed below.

Healesville Sanctuary
Since opening in 1934, Healesville Sanctuary has grown to become one of Australia’s premiere wildlife sanctuaries featuring more than 200 species of native birds, mammals and reptiles, displayed in a beautiful bushland setting. Enjoyed by all age groups, this experience is a great way to immerse yourself in the sights, scents, and sounds of the Australian bush.
Follow the path that weaves through the Sanctuary and encounter colourful birds, stroll amongst the kangaroos, meet an Emu, hear dingoes howl and watch the flight and hunting skills of magnificent birds of prey.
Healesville Sanctuary is a short easy 30 minute drive from Arrabri Lodge and well worth a visit for all age groups anytime of the year. For more information please visit the Healesville Sanctuary website or ask one of Arrabri’s staff.

Mt Donna Buang
Throughout winter, Mt Donna Buang offers a winter playground of snow-play and tobogganing for all age groups. At a height of 1,245 metres, Mt Donna Buang often has moderate to heavy snow falls throughout the winter months and is easily accessible from Arrabri Lodge. During the remainder of the year, it provides many tranquil and scenic rainforest walks and experiences which must be seen to be believed. The Rainforest Gallery includes a 40 metre long observation platform which takes you into the rainforest canopy (one of only three of its type in Australia). Mt Donna Buang also includes numerous magnificent and memorable walks, including a 350 metre long elevated walkway taking you through the rainforest where you will see majestic 65 metre tall trees (many of which are 300-400 years old).
Mt Donna Buang is a very easy and scenic 18km drive from Arrabri Lodge all times of the year. For more information on Mt Donna Buang visit the Parks Victoria website.

Upper Yarra Reservoir Park
Ever wondered where Melbourne’s great Yarra River started or where Melbourne gets its water? Why not take a short peaceful drive from Arrabri Lodge into the high country to the popular Upper Yarra Reservoir Park. The Upper Yarra Reservoir is the third largest of Melbourne’s water storage reservoirs, with a capacity of 200,000 megalitres and supplies the majority of Melbourne with water through the Thompson Reservoir. The dam wall stands at an amazing 90 metres high, 610 metres long and marks the upper most point of the Yarra River accessible to the public. The carefully maintained gardens and picnic grounds, encompassed by eucalypt bushland and spectacular scenery, makes visiting Upper Yarra Reservoir Park a memorable experience.
Upper Yarra Reservoir Park is only 19km east of Arrabri Lodge travelling along a completely sealed road accessible in all weather. For more information regarding the park, please visit the Parks Victoria website.

Yarra Valley Wineries
The Yarra Valley is Victoria’s oldest vineyard region stretching as far back as 1838 when the Ryrie Brothers planted Victoria’s first vineyard at Yering Station. Since its primitive begin over 160 years ago, the Yarra Valley’s wine region has progressed to contain over 55 wineries collectively producing some of the world’s finest wines. The Yarra Valley’s cool climate wine district caters for specialising in sparkling wines, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, however equally impressive are the full-bodied Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon styles. With such world-renowned wines and the majestic backdrop of the hills and mountains of the Great Dividing Range, it is little wonder that that Yarra Valley is Victoria’s most visited wine region.
The majority of the Yarra Valley Wineries are within an easy 15-20 minute drive of Arrabri Lodge and with over 40 wineries open for tastings and sales, they are well worth a visit. For more information, please refer to the Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association website.

Puffing Billy
Jump aboard and enjoy a 25km ride on Puffing Billy through the beautiful forests and fern gullies surrounding the Dandenong Rangers. Puffing Billy is Australia’s oldest steam railway and is the sole survivor of four railways used to develop rural areas surrounding Melbourne in the early 1900’s. The open-sided carriages are the best way to see the stunning views and recapture the romance and charm of the bygone days. Puffing Billy also offers first class travel and dining experiences with lunch, Devonshire tea and evening dinner available.
Puffing Billy is only a short scenic trip from Arrabri Lodge and is a great place to stop on your way home. To find out more about this historic icon please visit the Puffing Billy website.

Warburton RailTrail
Why not take a gentle stroll, or have a physical work out along the Warburton Trail. The Warburton Trail is great for anything from a short walk to a full day’s discovery via foot, bicycle, or horse riding. The trail begins in Warburton only 5km from Arrabri Lodge and predominately follows the original rail track of the steam trains which traveled from Melbourne to Warburton from 1901 until 1964 when it closed. The trail often winds along beside the beautiful Yarra River, with picturesque views of nearby mountain rangers. The surrounding land is a mixture of outer suburbs, natural bush, lush farming land, orchards and vineyards.
The Warburton Trail begins almost directly out the front of Arrabri Lodge, and continues through Warburton, Mt Evelyn, and finishes in Lilydale. This is truly one of the more scenic attractions around Warburton and allows every age group to experience what makes the area so special. For more information please refer to the RailTrail website or ask one of Arrabri’s staff.

Warburton Water Wheel Visitor Information Centre
There are numerous other exciting attractions surrounding Arrabri Lodge and this is by far only a sample of what the Yarra Valley has to offer. Other attractions include

  • Miner’s Cottage Art Gallery
  • La-La Falls
  • Ada Tree Circuit
  • Acheron Way
  • Peninsula Tunnels
  • Upper Yarra Goldfield Walk
  • Warburton Forest Drive
  • and many more

For further information on these and other attractions within the Yarra Valley, please ask us or pay a visit to the Warburton Water Wheel Visitor Information Centre. The Water Wheel Visitor Information Centre provides all the information you will need during your stay at Arrabri Lodge